FREE Yoga for Veterans

FREE Yoga for Veterans

and Active Military Service Members

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Clinical studies show that yoga for veterans can help individuals sleep better, enjoy a greater sense of well-being, relieve depression and hopelessness, cope with and even resolve anxiety and fear, find escape from the “fight or flight” response, and control anger and strong emotions.

The ongoing yoga for veterans classes at Yoga in ME provide something even more than a short term yoga class for a clinical study: community, friendship, support, mutual trust, and a sense of belonging.

All levels are welcome at yoga for veterans classes. Most (but not all) of the veterans who come to our classes had never done yoga before attending. The instructor will help you get started with the class and you will very quickly start to notice you feel better, however, we think you will find that the camaraderie will be what keeps you coming back.

Usual Schedule for FREE Yoga for Veterans*

Mondays 10:30am

Wednesdays 8:00am

Fridays 10:30am



There is one other class on our schedule that is the same basic format as FREE Yoga for Veterans. The class is called “Yoga for Mind/Body Resilience”.  The only difference between this class and “FREE Yoga for Veterans” (besides the name) is that it is open to anyone.

Veterans are especially welcome in this class – free of charge.


Usual Schedule for Yoga for Mind/Body Resilience*

Tuesdays 6:00pm

Thursdays 5:15PM


*please check the online calendar for any changes or cancelations


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No Registration Necessary
Drop In Any Time

As featured in Seacoast Online.

We suggest you check the schedule before coming to ensure there has not been a change.

Don’t Take Our Word For It.

Here’s what veterans who have been to Yoga for Veterans Classes at Yoga in ME have to say:

“Veterans often have hidden pains from long past situations, YOGA is that sand-bag bunker in the field of combat that allows you to go for relief and safety of a comfort zone. I guess in the civilian world YOGA is the oasis. If I have trouble sleeping at night,it’s the deep breathing that always works.”   – Bob K.

“It calms my mind and brings me back to earth!” -Mark J.

“Knowing that I needed an exercise routine that would get me stretching and moving in ways that would give me a firmer body, in early June this year I was inspired by a talk you gave to my Rotary Club and attended a free Veterans Yoga session. Subsequently, I followed through with the six week Beginner’s Course and have attended regular basics sessions twice a week ever since. Yoga from the start gives me a mind/body connection that I didn’t k now would result, releasing any stress that I didn’t know I had in my life. I feel firmer and am gradually getting more flexible, though at age 73 I don’t compare to those who are younger have been more athletic in their lives. I have always power-walked several days a week and have done a rudimentary routine at the gym, but Yoga has given me more immediate relief from lingering lower back pain resulting from walking all day on the hard floors of my auction gallery and my overall musculature is firmer. I have also lost weight due to changes in diet, something I attribute to Yoga.” -Hap Moore

What Yoga for Veterans Classes are Like

Yoga for Veterans classes begin with a breathing practice that helps connect to the breath and tune in to what’s going on in the mind and body. Students are then led through a series of postures similar to the postures seen in the pictures on this page.  Classes end with a short rest.

To be Prepared for your first Yoga for Veterans Class

  • Wear comfortable clothing that allows for a full range of motion and be prepared to be barefoot.
  • Feel free to bring your own yoga mat if you have one but we do have mats to use during class.
  • Eat only a light meal in the two hours before class begins.
  • Keep an open mind as you go through the class and remember that the goal isn’t to avoid mistakes but to learn.


Bob Kaszynski of Kittery, practices a pose and breathing for relaxation and calmness at Free Yoga for Veterans at Yoga in ME .Deb Cram/Seacoastonline

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These practices are clinically tested and empirically informed.

Yoga for veterans at Yoga in ME is based on Mindful Yoga Therapy, a clinically tested and empirically informed 12 week protocol.

Adding Mindful Yoga Therapy (MYT) to current clinical therapies improves stress related outcomes for veterans

Yoga reduces PTSD severity

Other Free Resources

FREE Yoga for Veterans Facebook Group

Find free videos of some of our FREE Yoga for Veterans classes on our Facebook Group.

Mindful Yoga Therapy

Find free audio downloads of meditation, yoga nidra , and breathing practices at MYT web site.

Give Back Yoga Foundation

Get a copy of the Mindful Yoga Therapy for Veterans handbook and Yoga for Warriors by Beryl Bender Birch through Give Back Yoga Foundation.

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