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Yoga in ME Wellness Services

Re-discover your sense of well-being with personalized therapies that nurture both body and mind. Enjoy an experience that will allow you to achieve calm, relaxation and peace inside and out. Our experienced team of wellness providers are able to offer you everything from the best relaxation massage to the treatment and rehabilitation of injuries.

Experience the finest treatments available in Southern Maine at our convenient and tranquil location in the Eliot Commons. Easy, free parking insures your visit with us is stress free.

Infrared Sauna

Relax, exhale, quiet your mind, let your shoulders drop a little, and feel the stress literally melt away. Infrared saunas are an effective, clinically backed, natural therapy to help destress, detoxify, be heart healthy, relieve pain, shrink belly fat, purify skin, boost the immune system, and increase energy. Our Sunlighten sauna is a place to heal, a place to reflect, a place to invest in you.

To reserve a session in the sauna, please call 207-703-6290.


Water & Grain Oriental Medicine

Kimberly Dowling

Kimberly treats a range of conditions and works often with acute and chronic pain, digestive complaints, stress & anxiety, and women’s health including pregnancy and postpartum, induction, fertility, irregular menstruation, PMS and menopausal symptoms. She has worked closely with war veterans living with PTSD and their families.

In addition to acupuncture she uses other therapies such as cupping & gua sha and prescribes Chinese herbal medicine.

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Thai Healing Arts

Lauren Winterholer

Sumana Lom roots its practice in the Traditional Thai Healing system which originated in 13th century Thailand and is still practiced there today. It is a holistic system based on the principles of Buddhism. The intention is not to treat a specific illness with the goal to cure it, but rather to work with an individual physically, spiritually , emotionally, and energetically, to allow space for healing to occur.
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Licensed Massage Therapy

Beth Boucher

Helping people to become their most healthy and best selves has always been a passion of Beth’s. In her previous career, she was a Health teacher for grades K-8. In 2006,she was teaching English in Thailand and sustained a shoulder injury while hiking. As is common in Thai culture, she went for regular massage treatments and was amazed how quickly her shoulder healed. Shortly after returning home to the USA,she decided to completely change the course of her life and embark on a career in massage therapy.

Beth offers several massage modalities including Swedish/relaxation, deep tissue, prenatal, and Hawaiian Lomi Lomi. 

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Licensed Social Work

Kristine Catalogna

Kristine’s areas of expertise are in postpartum mental health & adjustment, perinatal loss; as well as child, adolescent/young adult and adult counseling. She enjoys working with clients to enhance self-awareness, self-esteem, and personal growth.

Contact Kristine by calling 978-580-1405 or email her here.