Paul C
I think what gave me the most motivation was realizing that these are the kind of people that i want to hang out with. The teachers as a group walk the walk and exhibit the inner light of growth, healing and love. It comes across as a breath of fresh air from the universe itself. They are an inspiration.
The students/classmates/fellow yogis are an inspiration because we are learning to do the work and our attitude is like explorers:  Challenged to find that elusive goal--whether health, growth, happiness or union with the universe--by doing the work and having that special something to pass on to our students. It is inspiring to be among such dedicated and fun people! The kind of people that I want to hang out with.
I am so grateful to have this chance. To be taught by you and people trained by you. To watch myself climb to new heights (or plumb new depths).
Thank you Beryl.
With gratitude,