Lynne M

I never tried yoga until I went to Yoga in ME and now I'm hooked.  It is a welcoming studio with wonderful teachers that are very helpful, sensitive, and nonjudgmental.  The yoga classes are an important start of my day now.  Yoga in ME is such a caring community and I am grateful to have them in my life!

Kathleen C

After retiring (early) I realized that my body was not ready to take on all the activities I had planned. Cancer treatments and surgery combined with a desk job had left me stiff and aching. Massage and chiropractic care helped but adding yoga made all the difference. Yoga for ME is the perfect place to start your practice in a welcoming relaxed setting.  I was able to slowly to build up my body and spirit to the point where I feel well again. My husband even noted the other day that he sees a difference in how I move. If you are considering starting a yoga practice, this is a wonderful place to be.

Hap M

In June 2016 I joined the Yoga in ME group and the positive changes it has made in my flexibility, core strength and sense of calm in my busy life have been more remarkable than I expected. I get more out of the practice two to three times a week than I did when I belonged to the local gym before. These changes are what have spurred me to recommend Yoga in ME to friends and I will continue to do just that. The orientation of your teachers is constructive and at the same time they recognize the abilities and limits of those who come to practice.

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