Nancy S
Living down the road, I would pass the big purple flag, "Yoga"  thinking, " I've got to do something to get this body active again".  Turning 70, as anyone knows, things start going south with aches and pains, headaches, less energy and I was not putting up with it any longer.  I walked in with great anxiety and tribulation thinking, "Oh boy, what have I gotten myself into?", but was quickly assured to do my best without hurting myself, not to worry, as long as I can breathe, go with the flow, stop if you feel uncomfortable, no one is there to judge you and best of all, ask questions if you aren't sure if you aren't doing it right.  Well, that's all it took.  I admit, I was awkward (really awkward) having never done Yoga before, but I kept the faith and continued.
Each week, I would say to myself, continue, you will get better and after a while the positions became second nature to me.  I'm going to be 76 soon, feel fabulous, yes, have a few pains, but not like I used to, and participate two to three times a week.  I travel a lot, so I do my exercise when out of town, come back to a welcome studio of outstanding instructors as well as wonderful people I have met.  I can't put my legs over my head when laying down, my knees have been compromised earlier in life, but I do what I can without anyone saying I have to or judging me.
What has Yoga done for me?  Given me more energy, made me feel confident in my own skin, given me strength both in upper and lower body and guess what, I have developed biceps I show off! Yes, I am 76, but I am the new 50!
Janis D

My husband and I took the six week beginner class and realized right away that away that Yoga in ME studio was perfect for us! The variety of classes allow you to chose the practice that is best for your day. The instructors are so supportive and unique! Love everything about this studio

Scarlett H

Yoga in ME has been a great experience for me.  The studio is comfortable and inviting.  The instructors are encouraging and supportive, especially for those new to Yoga.   The instructors provide alternate ways to do the positions so you can easily and comfortably make your way through the progression of positions at your own pace and ability.   With emphasis on the breath and present focus, I feel calm, relaxed and energized at the end of each class.

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