Gene M

Balance and Breath

I am a Navy veteran, serving in the early 1980’s.I retired in 2018, from a very physical career. I have chronic pain in my back, neck, shoulder, arms, feet and toes. Dealing with these ailments cause a lack of steadiness and confidence in activities that should be enjoyable.

I started participating in the Free Yoga for Veterans two years ago.It is held three times a week. Recently, I have noticed two improvements to my life. First, my balance has greatly improved. I feel more comfortable and supported in my body and secure on the ground. In addition, the golf ball has been traveling farther and swing seems more fluid.

The second improvement has been to my breathing. In yoga we focus on our breath. “If you are breathing, you are doing it right” is often said in class. I never thought of how to breath in or out, deep or shallow because breathing has always been a struggle. My whole life I have lived with a deviated nasal septum, thus making me a mouth breather 80% of the day. This makes common activities like eating and sleeping difficult. Nasal surgery was not a good option for me so I have lived with this condition. After two years of yoga with a focus on nostril breath, my nasal passages are more open and clear. I now can breath nasally at least 50% of the time! I have built up a larger lung capacity and can relax my breath more. Who would have thought the answer was yoga?

If you can breathe, even a bit, you can do yoga



Sheilah C

Great studio for all levels! Very welcoming casual environment. Nancy and Lydia will put you at ease and help you grow in your practice.

Sarah J

The space is great but it’s the teachers and the owners that make this space a community! They each care about their students and you can tell that they love to teach yoga!

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