I joined Yoga in ME a few months ago and I can’t say enough about what a positive experience it has been for me.

I attend Morning Flow with Sue on Wednesday mornings. She is skilled and so positive and approachable. She is very ‘real’ and teaches in a very accepting and non judgmental way. I always feel invigorated and at peace when I leave class.

I absolutely adore Sue and all the staff at Yoga in ME!

 -Heidi Ricci

Sue grew up in Stoneham, Massachusetts where she formed a bond with physical activity from an early age. She loved the connection of movement, mental toughness, and spiritual camaraderie in team sports. Sue could frequently be found in a gym, on a field or court playing field hockey, basketball, softball, tennis, or trying out the latest fad in weight training or aerobics. Being fortunate to have many great yogic coaches, Sue was taught at an early age how to breathe in “patterns” for athletic advantage, to listen to her breath like in a snorkel under water (Ujjayi) in order to focus on the ball (Drishti) and to not let her ego get in the way (stay on the mat).  Sue started yoga in 2000 and immediately knew that she needed to dedicate more time in this avenue of self-discovery.

Sue’s educational passion is biological sciences. She has the utmost respect and awe of the diversity of life, the intelligence of the human body and, and most importantly, the necessary interdependence of all life on our planet. We are truly one. This passion led Sue to receive her Masters degree in Biology Education. She has worked in healthcare and as a high school teacher in biology, anatomy and physiology, forensic science, and a community service learning/leadership class.  Watching others achieve their goals has always been the best part of her work.

Off the mat, you can find Sue with her husband, two kids and cats, near the water, in the woods or garden, preparing to host a pizza party, or curled up by a fire.

Sue is a proud graduate of The Hard & The Soft 200-hour Yoga teacher training founded by Beryl Bender Birch and she started teaching in 2017.  Sue is also trained in Yoga for 12-step recovery. Sue can now frequently be found practicing and laughing with the community at Yoga in ME, because we are all on this journey together and we can never take ourselves too seriously.