I had been wanting to try yoga for years and decided one day back in January to walk into the studio to inquire about classes and started with the introductory package of 5 classes for $25. One of my first classes was taught by Kathleen Boudette Stanton and she was wonderful. She has always given me the encouragement I needed to make yoga part of my life now. I love her morning flow classes and she did a fantastic job with the present power class on Wednesday evening this week. Thank you Kathy

 -Janet Griffin-Vaughan

In 2012 I arrived in South Berwick after retiring from my position as a Massachusetts educator of thirty-five years.  I had been an elementary principal for twenty years and a classroom teacher and a literacy specialist (reading and writing) for fifteen years before that!  I decided it was time to do something for myself.  Maybe take a class that would nurture me, support my efforts to maintain good health, and help me find community.  All the while I routinely drove Route 236 and passed the purple banner announcing YOGA.  One day it simply spoke to me – What are you waiting for?  So, on June 16, 2016, I joined a beginner’s class.  As it turns out, what I thought would be all about fitness and flexibility expanded into so much more.

It used to be the case that when Nancy spoke of “your practice” or “doing the work” I would get irritated.  What was Nancy talking about?  I didn’t think I had a practice.  What should it be?  Then I heard about The Hard and the Soft Yoga Institute 200-hour Teacher Training Course.  Nancy encouraged students who simply wanted to deepen their practice to participate.  That was just what I wanted, and I jumped in with both feet!  It was transformational!

Now, when I think of my practice, my heart is full.  There is an abundance of wisdom that guides my practice, grounds me in the present, and quiets my otherwise very busy mind.  Kindness, compassion, and gratitude shape how I interact with the world and when I find myself leaking prana (life’s energy) because judgments, anxiety, or worries have taken hold of my thoughts, I am able to step back, recognize them for what they are and make a better choice. “All that from yoga?” you ask.  Yes, and more…

In January 2018, I taught my first yoga class.  A gift I initially gave to myself has expanded into a gift that I am able to share with others.  I am blessed.