Kacy has such a genuine ease about her and a spirit that you are drawn to. She allows you to go at your pace but doesn’t make it easy. She also taught me how to breath which allowed me to just be quiet with myself, which helped me to be in the moment. This has created a sense of gratefulness I carry with me now.

I look forward to her classes for both the physical benefit but also spiritually which coming from a previously non-yogi is pretty great.

 -Lisa N.

Kacy is a traveling Ashtanga yoga instructor dabbling in all areas of Massachusetts, Maine and New Hampshire and the occasional abroad experience including India, Sri Lanka, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and soon Spain and Bali. Her practice and instruction is rooted in Ashtanga principles, but she adds a unique flow, and restorative asanas to her classes. She is dedicated to guiding and supporting practitioners of all levels to the depths of their practice by emphasizing on yoga’s Eight Limbs, Chakra studies, and meditation. Yoga is for everyone, and she invites each and every personality to join her on the mat. Kacy started her practice about seven years ago, and knew after class one that yoga was for her. You know when you know. She went on to receive her RYT200 from Yoga NH in Concord, NH. She has an immense passion for traveling the world and an equally large love for animals of all kinds.

Kacy aims to offer classes that shed light on interpreting and incorporating the nature of yoga with all other aspects of life. She has a true desire for fitness, and helps practitioners find their comfortable edge. The moment you want to exit the asana is when your body needs it the most. Kacy is a huge advocate for change and self-development, with a true passion for addiction recovery. Addiction to substance, emotion, behaviors and material. She welcomes your questions, feedback and insights as you and we evolve. She is dedicated to making various forms and levels of yoga available to everyone.

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