Erica Hoven

I relish the opportunity to attend any of Erica’s classes due to her genuine interest in the further development of each individual’s practice. For example, at the end of one of her Present Power classes, I was having a bit of pain in my back and chose much more restorative postures for the remaining minutes. Erica, having noticed this abnormality from my usual desire to challenge myself, took the time after class to privately ask me if everything was okay. It was extremely reassuring to know she had been paying such close attention to each of her students and was able to recognize when my practice changed. This is just one of Erica’s many exceptional talents as an instructor. She is able to challenge her students while creating a comfortable setting and encourages them to listen to their bodies and take breaks whenever they feel it necessary. She is a constant, steady, confident voice of supportive leadership throughout the entirety of any class. I strongly recommend anyone, regardless of experience or knowledge of yoga, make time to attend one of Erica’s teachings. You will leave feeling contently satisfied and welcomed into the Yoga in ME community.


More information about this awesome member of the Yoga in ME team coming soon!