Carol Castellan brings a true mind, body, and soul experience to the mat! I began my yoga journey many years ago beginning with Carol and have not looked back since. Carol specializes in Yin Yoga (although she could teach any class). Carol guides her students through her classes sharing her knowledge of the body and what each pose does to promote wellness. Carol often plans her classes with a theme, complete with a shared reading or poem. Carol does not take life or herself too seriously and always invites an inner comfort just by being in her presence. I leave each of Carol’s classes feeling light in the heart and ready to take on anything that life throws my way.

 -Rebecca Waldron-Geranis

Carol has been practicing yoga for 20 years, and was introduced to this life changing practice by Mimi Lourerio of O2 Yoga. Yoga made her feel grounded, peaceful and like an all around better person! Looking about for a new focus after retiring from a 33 year art teaching career, she did her 200 hour certification with Carrie Tyler and Daniel Orlansky. The urge to learn more took her to India to complete her 500 hour certification, which was a wondrous experience. Learning never stops! For the past 3 years she has become deeply inspired by the slow and deep practice of yin yoga. Carol is  continually amazed by the depths to be explored in all styles of this beautiful practice.