I have pursued yoga since 2005 and have been fortunate to have had a number of excellent instructors during this time. Among those fine instructors, who have inspired my continuing interest in Yoga, Ashley has been the one from who I have gained the greatest benefit in terms of progress and pleasure in the discipline. And in my observation, my fellow Yoga practitioners very much share the high opinion of Ashley’s wise, kind and humane instruction.

To the best of my ability to capture Ashley’s remarkable instructor qualities in mere words, I note her infectious enthusiasm for Yoga; her ability to individually tailor the poses she assigns to members of our class so that we all derive a physical lift from our endeavors, while gaining a sense of growth in our Yoga studies, as well; and, finally, her warm, caring an d sincere interest in each and every member of our class, that has, in turn, inspired all of us students, in emulation of her leadership example, to make of our class a model of good camaraderie and mutual support teamwork.

 -Jinny Hogan

Ashley began her yoga practice in 2005 and has been teaching since 2014. She is the creator of Seabrook Community Yoga and the owner and director of 52 Oak St. INC. Ashley has training in Trauma Sensitive & Informed Yoga, Yoga and Mindfulness for Children, Trauma Sensitive Yoga & Mindfulness for Children, and is a member of the Prison Yoga Project.