Andy has been an inspiration to me for the past 10 years. After having my second child, not feeling nearly as fit as I had once been, I knew it was time for a change. I had heard great things about her yoga classes and decided to give them a try. The rest is history. She earned my trust within the first month of attending her classes.

Andy is a highly motivated, upbeat person who has a positive, nurturing approach with her students. Her ability to balance the needs of people with different skill levels within the same setting is impressive. She has a unique way of connecting with people because she genuinely cares for them and never loses sight of the humane aspect by treating others with respect, and celebrating their accomplishments. Best of all, she is a lot of fun and possesses the enthusiasm, knowledge and skill each educator must have to instruct other to do well and be successful in a safe and comfortable environment.

 -Anita D’amiano

Andy began her yoga journey 30 years ago as a social worker.  In her client program development, she observed that clients who were more centered, and physically healthy through fitness pursuits had a greater ability to meet their emotional challenges. It was at that moment that she started to question, and become more mindful about the balance in her own life. Andy left her practice, became a certified personal trainer and fitness instructor and began her study of yoga and its positive impact on the individual. She opened a womens’ health club and had a 10-year opportunity to share her love of yoga, knowledge base and enthusiasm for positive life changes.

Andy is truly an educator and always pursuing new opportunities to learn and to impart this knowledge to her students. She is humbled by the privilege of her practice with her students and honors all that she has learned from them.

Her background includes a double Master’s degree: anatomy & physiology and health science, and an undergraduate degree in psychology.  Among her certifications: certified personal trainer, fitness instructor,

ACA paddle board instructor. She holds yoga certifications through Child Lite, Silver Sneakers, and is a 200RYT(registered yoga teacher).

Andy is a water enthusiast (past mermaid) and can be found, year-round surfing, paddle boarding and kayaking. She and her husband have been paddling and racing outrigger canoes in Hawaii for 3 months each year for the past 13 years.  She is also a passionate gardener and artist.

My personal practice enhances my active life style by helping me to be more mindful about pacing myself for the long haul. I am becoming a much better athlete and human being. I have discovered that if I “clean my mental house” I can better manage the daily chatter that invades life and undermines the experience of releasing my “best self” within…..some days easier than others!

I am very proud and excited to begin another leg of my journey with an open heart at Yoga in ME


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