Support Free Yoga for Veterans

Support Our Mission to Bring Yoga to Veterans

Yoga in ME is proud to serve our veteran community. There is no higher honor for us than to serve the individuals that come to the FREE yoga for veterans class at Yoga in ME.

Your patronage not only helps to support our specialized free yoga for veterans class, it also goes towards free and reduced cost memberships for veterans who wish to participate in regular drop-in classes at Yoga in ME.

Make a one time payment or contribute monthly for as low as $4.99/month. Less than a fancy coffee drink!

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How does yoga help veterans?

Clinical studies show that yoga can help veterans:


  • Sleep better, overcoming insomnia and nightmares
  • Enjoy a  sense of well-being
  • Relieve depression and hopelessness
  • Cope with and even resolve anxiety and fear
  • Find escape from the “fight or flight” response that causes hyperarousal
  • Control anger and strong emotions
  • Reconnect emotionally with friends, family and their community
  • Be successful in recovering from addiction
  • Feel less physical pain
Make a one time support payment or contribute monthly.