Practice at Home Guidance

Establishing a Home Practice

By JoAnn Portalupi
March 23, 2020


As I write, the snow is falling outside my window on this Spring afternoon. It’s a typical New England spring day in the new topsy turvy reality we are all living.  If ever there was a time to establish a home practice, it’s now!  Here are a few tips for making it easy.

  • If possible, find a place where you can lay out your yoga mat and leave it.  There is nothing like a waiting yoga mat to make it easy to get started. My practice space is a 6 X 10 foot section of my office that is separated by a couple of book cases. It has my yoga mat, a meditation cushion in the corner, and a variety of props within reach. If you can’t dedicate a space, think about where you can roll your mat out easily to create a comfortable place for you to go inward.


  • Gather props. Use what you have. Books make good blocks. Rolled up beach towels or blankets make good cushions. Belts make good yoga straps. Scarves make good eye pillows. You get the gist.


  • Start easy.  Commit to showing up every day, even if only for five or ten minutes. The simple practice of doing five Sun Salutations a day is a healthy and useful practice.  If all you do is sit quietly and breathe, you are engaging in a wonderful practice of self-care.


  • Build it into the schedule of your day. For me, my practice happens in the morning, before breakfast, before tea, before checking mail or news. For others, late afternoon or evening may be best. Find a time that is right for you and dedicate yourself to being on the mat.


  • Watch the website for new audio clips and video practices.  I will be posting audio clips of ten minutes or less in length which will be useful for getting started.  There will be longer video clips to use as well. Pick and choose to make a practice or fly solo byselecting a couple of poses to focus on.


Don’t forget to give yourself a nice rest at the end of ANY practice, no matter how short.  Finish every practice by going inward and watching the imprint of your practice settle into your body.

JoAnn’s practice space at home:

Listen or view a breathing , meditation, or asana practice.