Infrared Sauna

Infrared Sauna

Relax, exhale, quiet your mind, let your shoulders drop a little, and feel the stress literally melt away. Infrared saunas are an effective, clinically backed, natural therapy to help destress, detoxify, be heart healthy, relieve pain, shrink belly fat, purify skin, boost the immune system, and increase energy. Our Sunlighten sauna is a place to heal, a place to reflect, a place to invest in you.

The radiant heat emitted from the infrared sauna penetrates deeply into the muscles, joints, and body alleviating pain and removing impurities on a cellular level. Whether you are looking to detoxify, relieve pain, or just relax, our infrared sauna will satisfy all of your needs.




30 Minute Sauna Session     (1 person)    $11
30 Minute Sauna Session    (2 people)    $16

10 Session Pass (1 person)        $90
10 Session Pass (2 people)       $150


(Pricing is for 30 minute sessions.  Add $5 for each extra 15 minutes.)


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What should I bring?

  • Shorts/tank or bathing suit.
  • Bring three towels for the sauna: one to sit on, one to put feet on, and a small hand towel to wipe the skin throughout your session so the toxins that your skin is releasing do not absorb back into the skin. Wiping off perspiration throughout your session is key.
  • Bring another towel to dry off after your shower.

How long is an infrared sauna session?

You will need 45 minutes for your session – the actual sauna time is 20 to 30 minutes, but you can remain in longer if you want to. We recommend about 15 minutes for showering and dressing. Take your time to cool down, rinse off and seize the day.

How quickly will I notice benefits from the suana?

One sauna session will relax you, ease your pain, mimic a light workout and start detoxifying you. For prolonged benefits such as weight loss and pain relief it is recommended that you use the sauna three to five times a week for a month.

What do I do when I am in the sauna?

You can read, meditate, stretch, relax, close your eyes and turn off your brain.

How hot is it in the sauna?

Infrared saunas are much cooler than traditional saunas which can reach 160-170 degrees. The temperature range is 110-120 degrees and the air is dry, not humid and stuffy so its quite comfortable. The infrared wavelengths of light heat the body safely from within – that is the technology of the sauna and why it has such a profound healing effect.


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