Community Classes

Accessibility to wellness is important to us.


We want everyone to have access to the health-giving, community building, soul soothing benefits of yoga, regardless of financial means.

At Yoga in ME, our primary goal is to cultivate a community where all members feel valued as individuals. Contribute as you are able with money but, mostly, contribute your participation in the community.

The cost to Yoga in ME for upkeep of our beautiful space, for providing a fair wage to the instructors, and running a business stays the same regardless of how much students pay for a class.

By donation classes provide an opportunity for each student to assess their priorities and their own generosity. Students have the opportunity to choose how to help support the studio; be it gratitude, minimal monetary exchange, or sums greater than the usual fee for a class.

The following offerings are available free or by donation at Yoga in ME.


It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.

Mother Teresa