Yin Yoga for Clarity this Fall

The temperature is cooling off. The wind is drier. There is less sunlight. Nature is telling us it’s time to drop inside our bodies and open those drier tissues after the yang heat and activity of summer.

The nature of yin is lunar, female, darker, cooler and drier. This contrasts to the heating, male, active mobile qualities of yang. Active yang vinyasa practices tend to work more of the muscular tissues.  The yin practice targets the bones, connective tissue, ligaments and tendons. These tissues respond to a long, gentle hold which draws moisture to the “internal wet suit” we all wear under our skin.

Don’t be fooled by the seeming simplicity of the shapes. As you stay in the postures the sensations can be quite juicy!


Our bodies need both types of movement to stay healthy. The squeezing of the tissues also facilitates the flow of energy through our bodies. Balance of both energies is key during this season of transition.

The lesson I’ve learned from yin is that less is more.   Gentle poses held for longer periods of time with attention to even breath and lack of movement produce an incredible sense of relaxation and inner peace.This practice is a superb offset to more strenuous exercise and has become my most favorite hour and a half in  my week.  It leaves me deeply relaxed, is a great stress reliever and I feel as though I float out of class embracing the calm.


For me, the tightness in my shoulder and hip joints limits the range of expression for certain Yang yoga postures.  I believe that regular Yin practice is helping me to both stretch and lubricate the tissues that support these joints, making them more supple and yield more easily to postures like Lotus and Cow Face.  I love the thrumming sensation that comes from, as Carol calls it, the “marinating” of the fascia during the holding of Yin postures.


Yin yoga is currently offered 5:30 pm Monday, and 10:30 am Wednesday. Check the schedule for the any changes or cancelations before class.