These past few weeks, it finally feels like there is a slight possibility that spring is right around the corner. I think this is one of the most magical times of year in New England. A time when the days of long dark and bitter cold start to make way for something different. Something new and wonderful. Where there is almost hope that things will be green and alive again and that we are emerging into spring!

A 75* day in February is one of the best possible reminders to live in the present moment! Yes, it will probably snow tomorrow, but today we can feel the sheer joy of the warm sun on our faces. Here and now is pretty darn perfect. THIS moment is filled with the wonder and possibility of the fact that we can leave the house without a coat. The birds are singing and the snowbanks are ever-so-slowly being replaced with mud!

But how does all of this translate to your yoga practice? For many, the fire and heat of yoga is very important in carrying us through the cold and dark of the winter months. As we approach spring, you may find yourself craving a little something new in your practice.

This is a great time to focus on inviting in new possibilities or new perspective to your practice.

This doesn’t have to be anything complicated or fancy. Looking at your practice with fresh perspective can be very simple, easy, and dare I say fun? Here are 8 easy, small ways to mix things up, renew & rejuvenate your practice this month:

  1. Choose a different variation of a familiar pose.
  2. Mix up which days you come to practice
  3. Try out a practice with a new instructor
  4. Come to Yin Yoga on Monday nights
  5. Dive deep: join us for the Peace, Love & Asana masterclass for an opportunity to dive deeper into the postures of the Sun Salutations
  6. Committing to practice 1 extra day a week for the month
  7. Try a home practice
  8. Go prop free OR add in some new props! Big blocks anyone?
  9. Immerse yourself: join us for our Emerging into Spring retreat March 16-18!

Whether you try our suggestions or not, we hope that the possibility of emerging into spring brings you joy and possibility both on and off the mat. Did you try one of our suggestions? Let us know in the comments below!