Some of you might not know that I LOVE to cook. My favorite method of cooking is to make things up as I go along, and usually my chili recipe is no different. It drives Travis crazy when I’m trying to explain how to make of my recipes (“How much of this do I add?” “Enough” “As much as you need” etc.) But I do have a few recipes that I come back to a variation of over and over.

One of these is my “famous” Quinoa Black Bean Chili Recipe. I make this at home a few times a month in the cooler parts of the year. I also tend to make it for most pot lucks or special events I’m cooking for like the Keep South Berwick Warm Soup Supper. This chili recipe is great for these events because it’s a crowd pleaser, not too spicy, as well as vegan and common allergen-free option.

If you were lucky enough to join us for our 1 day retreat, you already got to try this delicious recipe. If you didn’t make it – you’ll have another chance at the Keep South Berwick Warm Soup Supper (Wednesday November 1 at 5pm).

Want to try it at home? Check out the delicious recipe below: