“When XXX happens, everything will be better…” Have you ever found yourself saying those words? Are you waiting around for something to change? When it changes, it seems like everything will be perfect. One small shift and everything should fall into line, right? You will be perfectly happy!

It’s easy to fall into the pattern of thinking about what’s coming next and how much better things will be! But will they?

“Everything will be perfect when I lose 20lbs!”

“If I wasn’t so busy, I would go to yoga!”

“When we buy a bigger house, I will be happy”

Most recently, for me it has been “When the kids are back in school, I will be able to *insert pretty much anything*”. But am I really going to be able to do all of these things when the kids are in school? Or am I just going to be a different kind of busy? Something tells me it’s option B!

But change is sexy! It’s attractive and sometimes elusive. Change can be great, don’t get me wrong (see my recent post on Tapas for more information about transformation and yoga). But it’s important to avoid obsessing over it and idolizing it. Yes, sometimes it is important to remember that making changes is necessary and/or unavoidable.

But will all of your problems really go away if you buy that bigger house or lose 20lbs? Or will new problems replace them?

Let’s embrace change as we head into fall, but not let it distract us from reality and the present moment! Instead of thinking about how much easier my life is going to be when the kids start school, I am trying to remember that I will still be human! I am working on getting more organized and budgeting my time to account for all of the things that are important to me. This includes work, but also self care and my yoga practice. I want my time management issues to change, but I know that when the do, I will still have all of my other problems!

What are you going to change this fall?

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