From time to time we post an essays written by the students in our 200 Hour Teacher Training Program as part of their homework. This is one student’s essay.

The Monday before weekend two of our teacher training,  my mother was hospitalized in Massachusetts so I spent the week leading up to our training course at the hospital.  Initially, I was disappointed at the timing.  I was unable to attend yoga classes, engage in “my” practice at home or adequately prepare for the rigors of the weekend course.  But, as it turned out, the week was filled with opportunities to practice yoga 24/7.  The situation certainly demanded a calm, focused, and quiet mind grounded in the present moment.  It would have been easy to be overcome with scary thoughts of what the future might hold.  As luck would have it, I found the chapel and traveled there each day to breathe and meditate!  I tried to be self-aware, observing the flood of emotions that passed through me from day to day… I was sad…I was stressed…I was agitated…I was frustrated…I was scared.  But I tried not to wallow in these feelings – just acknowledge them and let them go.  I tried to stay PRESENT.  I surrendered control of what was happening to a source greater than I and trusted that events would unfold as they were divinely intended.

So it would have been easy to say I couldn’t ‘do’ yoga that week.  And the Sutras would have been right to label me careless, negligent, and lazy about my practice. Instead, despite the little time I had to do the postures, I found infinite time to “do the work”.
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