200 Hour Why


Study with World Class Faculty

Study with renowned classical yoga teacher, author, and Give Back Yoga co-founder Beryl Bender Birch and a diverse national faculty who are experts in their specialized fields. Most faculty members are certified yoga therapists (CYTs) and members of the International Association of Yoga Therapists, and all have studied with Beryl for well over a thousand hours.

Strengthen Your Practice

Rocket your practice into the stratosphere through monthly workshops, study groups, commitment to class attendance and the community support of your fellow trainees.

Explore the 8 Limbed Path

Explore the full eight-limbed path of classical (raja) yoga. Go beyond asana, and learn how to guide students into the internal world of meditation, pranayama and the Yoga Sutra.

Discover Energy Medicine

Learn how to use prana (energy) for detox and healing, and how to move and direct prana in your energy “fields.”

Become Part of a Sangha (Community)

Be part of a conscious community that supports you, encourages you and “speaks your language.” In a crazy world, your weekend workshops with like-minded trainees will become welcome sanctuaries.

Work for environmental healing and social justice.

See how becoming a teacher and a committed practitioner expands your circle of compassion. Together, we’ll watch powerful documentaries that will inspire you to get out there and make your voice heard.

Complete your own “give back” project.

Get out of the studio, and give back to the world. As a teacher trainee, you’ll complete your own “give back” project – putting your yoga into action, and starting a ripple effect of change.

Find your dharma.

Practice, pay attention and breathe…and your special role in the world will become clear.

Prepare for a career in yoga service.

Have you found your dharma? Do you want to bring yoga, in any of its diverse forms to a specific population or community? We will help you to develop an Individualized Yoga Plan (IYP) and direct your specialized training, preparing you for advanced study with a Give Back Yoga program.

Become a certified yoga teacher.

Share the powerful benefits of asana, mindfulness and meditation with others in your community, through a Yoga Alliance-registered program.

Practice safe and appropriate hands-on adjustments and assists.

When done respectfully, mindfully and safely by a skilled and well-trained teacher, “hands-on” assistance in a posture can be of great therapeutic value and a powerful aid to establishing correct biomechanical form. Learn from our highly experienced faculty of Certified Yoga Therapists and appropriate ways to adjust and adapt the postures. 



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