200 Hour Course of Study

200 Hour Teacher Training Course of Study

  • Practice and observation of classical yoga techniques and methodology
  • Training in Present Power sequence
  • Safe, supportive, and appropriate hands on assistance
  • Supervised asana study through observation and practice
  • Anatomy, physiology, and correct posture alignment
  • Study of the angas (limbs) and Yoga Sutras
  • Daily Pranayama and Meditation practices
  • Yoga as an Ancient and Original System of Energy Medicine
  • Yogic Shamanic Practices
  • History and Philosophy of Classical Yoga
  • Defining, Creating, and Following a Yoga Lifestyle
  • Merging social activism with spiritual practice
  • Integrating Seva into Practice
  • Therapeutic Yoga

 Additional Requirements

  • Read Power Yoga prior to first session
  • Observing 1 class per month at Yoga in ME or other approved studio
  • Regular class attendance at Yoga in ME (or other approved studio for commuters)
  • Required readings
  • Give-Back project
  • Monthly study group meetings (outside of class time)




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